campus dining

ever stand in front of the fridge at home, look inside and say, “there’s nothing to eat around here?” you won’t catch yourself saying that at the university of central arkansas. daily campus dining provides an array of options and menus that can tempt any palate. all students living on the uca campus are required to carry a meal plan. all residents living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. all students living in the apartments have the option to choose any meal plan including the all dining dollar only options. your completed housing agreement is all you need to sign up.

the dining service staff is committed to providing a quality program to students. we encourage student involvement to ensure that the dining service program continues to represent the varied lifestyles of today’s university student. students with suggestions or comments regarding any aspect of the service are encouraged to stop by one of the housing and food advisory committee (hfac) meetings held once a month, or let the dining staff know our thoughts. the dining service staff is looking forward to serving you.

what are the meal plan options?

  • the following plans are available to all residents and commuters:
    • total access in the cafeteria with $100 dd* – $1,707.00
      • full access to the christian cafeteria with no restrictions.  meal plan is for the meal plan holder only.
    • 200 block** with $200 dd* – $1,945.00
      **the block plan allows the meal-plan holder the option to eat any of their meals for the semester in either the christian cafeteria (1 block equals 1 meal) or the student center food court (1 block equals up to $7.00 for breakfast and $8.50 for lunch and dinner. any overage of the allotted amount may be paid in cash or through the use of dining dollars) under the equivalency program.
      *dining dollars are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • the following plans are available for apartment residents and commuters only:
    • $725 dd (with $30 bonus dd) – $750.00
    • $875 dd (with $40 bonus dd) – $900.00
    • $1,025 dd (with $50 bonus dd) – $1,050.00
      • dining dollars are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • the following plan is available to senior apartment residents and commuters only:
    • seniors only plan 120 block with $550 dd – $1,691.00
      • dining dollars are non-refundable and non-transferable

what are dining dollars (dd)?
dining dollars are prepaid dollars automatically deposited onto your student id card. the amount of dd is to be used in the form of declining balance at any dining facility. dd amounts are a great value, convenient to use, and offer flexibility in your meal plan. they may be used to purchase full meals in the cafeteria or to make a la carte purchases of food, snacks, and beverages at one of our other locations. meal-plan holders may purchase additional dd amounts. if you would like to add additional dd, simply add to your account (in $25 increments) with cash, check, money order, or credit card by visiting the dining services office in the christian cafeteria. or insert some cash to the “bearbucks” machines that are located at the student center banking center and torreyson library. please remember that dd amounts are not refundable and non-transferable.

what are the time limitations on dd?
Fall semester DD will carry over to spring semester, spring will carry over to summer sessions I & II, any remaining balance at the end of summer session II will be forfeited.

what are bear bucks?
bearbucks is a declining balance program similar to dining dollars. bearbucks are sold directly through the bearcard office located in the student center 104. bearbucks carry over from semester to semester and year to year as long as the student is enrolled at uca, please visit the bearcard office for more information. to see a list of where bear bucks can be used, both on and off campus, please visit the bearcard website.

can i change my meal plan?
students may change a meal plan online thru their myuca myhousing portal before the meal plan period starts.  typically, this date is the thursday before the halls open.

more information!
please visit the dining services web-site here!